Recycled Style: Chokers

So if you ever watched any 90s “chick flick” or you grew up in the 90s you know that chokers were all the rage and all the girls wore them. Like many fashion statements and styles, they recycle. We’ve seen so many come backs in fashion; flared jeans, bandanas, flannels, high waisted pants or all denim outfits! That is what I love most about the fashion industry, everything comes back around. It’s not “old” or “out of style”, it’s RECYCLED ! Some designers have a way of taking something that’s from the past and they put their own twist on it and make it current and fashionable. Chokers are back and here to stay for a while! At Alicia’s we have so many to choose from! We have a thick leather style, a small navy bow style and even jeweled chokers! Come stop by and try some on or order online and see for yourself how adding one to your outfit can change your ENTIRE look, for the better !



"Thick Choker- Leather"
“Thick Choker- Leather”
"Gladiator Choker"
“Gladiator Choker”
"Suede Arrow Choker- Chestnut"
“Suede Arrow Choker- Chestnut”
"Tie Me Up choker"
“Tie Me Up choker”

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