SHE is Love….

When I think of myself and the woman I have become, this is my answer; “She is a Warrior, She is a Goddess, She is Love❤️

Warrior because I became Brave, when I was at my weakest. I found courage and strength within myself despite my severe life long battle with anxiety while facing the hardest time of my life. The one person who made everything better for me was no longer here and I was forced to learn to count on myself. I have three children counting on me, on us to be ok, I could not, would not allow myself to fail. I did everything in my power to Protect and Love my boys and get them through our storm the best way that I knew how. That is how I became a “Warrior”

A Goddess because I finally fell in Love with myself, and learned to accept my fate and be ok with where I was headed wherever that may be bThrough all of this, still wanting to spead Love to everyone I met. 

 I am LOVE because I believe that Love can cure almost anything. I’m am a hopeless romantic, LOVE has been my favorite word since I was a little girl. I believe in LOVE whole heartedly. I teach my kids all the time, if someone is sad, show them love, if they are angry, show them love, if they are sick, show them love. A simple hug or a kind touch and an “I Love you” speaks volumes. The answer is simple, the answer is LOVE❤️

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